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How many of you use a Blackberry or similar device and what one do you prefer?

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I've been looking into getting a blackberry or something similar to keep track of all my contact and be able to send and recieve e-mails while I'm on the go.  I really don't know a whole lot about them and it seems when I go into the stores the salesmen really don't have much of a clue either and espeically when it comes to the features that we would use in our industry.  So my question is what do you all use and what are the pros and cons to the different models?  How much do the service plans cost and how much do the devices cost?  What one seems to be the best bang for the buck and what are the features that you use most or wish you had on your device?

Hopefully this will help others in the same boat in looking for such a device as well!

 Y'all have a great day and thanks for your help!

Blanca Cholewczynski
U - Oak Brook, IL


I have been using the blackberry Pearl, nice little gadget. Has only one kink, if you hit the track ball it would disable the ringing  (kind of important feature if you are expecting calls) No fix as of yet from Blackberry.   Other than that I love it, it is really sleek

Dec 04, 2006 06:06 AM