Sometimes "NEW' is the best choice

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Sometimes "NEW' is the best choice.

After showing my clients numerous short sales, foreclosures and a couple of traditional sales, My client came to the realization that someone else's home was just not right for them. This is the third home for my buyer, and each of the other purchases have been a previously owned home. This time around it became clear that it was time to get what they wanted. My client settled on Fiddeyment Farms master plan in Roseville, California. The home is in the Settlers Ridge community built by K.Hovnanian homes. The process went smooth and the home was built in about three months. One thing nice about buying new is the home is just about flawless prior to the walk through. We only came up with a handful of items to be corrected. This is a testament to the quality of the K. Hovnanian construction team. Unannounced to K.Hovnanian, my firm has been in the new home sales business for fifty years, selling for some of the regions largest homebuilders such as Dunmore and C.C.Meyers just to name a few. So, this was not the average walk through. My client definitely benefited from so much experience, although i will admit i did feel like the K. Hovanian staff thought we were nitpicking at times, but fortunately their professional attitude shined through, and my buyer closed last week on the "perfect home".

Roseville new home Fiddyment farm