Briggs Village Update

Commercial Real Estate Agent

The 137 acre master planned community is getting closer and closer as each day passes to realizing the dream that the Briggs Family began back in 1991.  Architects NBBJ initiated the first drawings of the master planned community in 1996 and finally with road improvements and the infrastructure in we are seeing some dramatic changes.

Even more exciting is the possible announcement of an anchor and identification of some of the retail components that will be added to the Village within the next year.  As the Development team continues their progress with the Central Phase and the final platting required to move forward the announcement of the retail segment looms ever closer.

Congratulations to the Briggs Family and all of those involved!!!!

It has not gone unnoticed and the 6.5 acre park that was donated to the City to allow them to develop was definitely one of the greatest events in the development team's long history of accolades.  The arboretums and natural kettles that will remain will enhance the development and the "green" concept approach to the exterior features of the homes.

 If you or someone you know has questions for the development team or are interested in pursuing a retail location within the Village don't hesitate to contact me for more information. 

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