A little bit about me and Premier Property Group & Atherton History

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Premier Property Group

Hi let me tell you a little about me and my business. I am new at blogs but with any luck

All that read this will see the humor and hop on to join me on this journey.

I am the Broker / Owner of Premier Property Group based in Menlo Park and Placerville California we are a small boutique firm with a passion for service and technology to help make the buying and selling process seamless. We specialize in Luxury Home marketing and a very small niche market of Car collectors that need more space for their toys.

Where to start - I grew up in Atherton, when I was nine or ten I got a paper route with the Palo Alto Times newspaper. My route encompassed a good portion of Lindenwood.  Most homes in that area a located on 1+ acre lots with at the time semi-circular driveways (this made it vary easy to ride a bike and put the papers on the front porch. As one driveway led to the next) I never realized what a tremendous area this was as I was growing up I just felt that it was a neighborhood like any other....The people were friendly and fun to talk to and most were usually interested in what a young enterprising man was up to. I must say I really liked my customers and I learned a lot from them- one for instance; had a street named after his family, he actually watched the brick wall along Middlefield being built when he was a kid. His family had a farm that stretched from Watkins Ave. to Encinal Ave and Middlefield to the railroad tracks they grew tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. He taught flying at Stanford and shared pictures of the air field just south of Stanford stadium. Meeting this man really got me interested in the local history of the Menlo - Atherton area. It also ignited a passion in me for Classic Cars, you see this gentleman had a 1931 Auburn touring car in his garage he had restored it and won many awards with it - he let me sit in it one day and I was hooked for life! (That is a story for another day)  I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with real estate but I wanted to give you a foundation as to how well I know the area. My roots are deep here and to say the least I am passionate about the area and the folks that live and have lived here.

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