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Before and AfterHome Caretakers International in Tampa, FL provides a caretaking service for vacant properties.  Their service places a professionally screened caretaker into the property to secure, repair, and maintain the properties to show-ready condition.  We have utilized their services on many of our listings.  The listings show better, sell faster, and for more money.  We have had numerous short sale properties where the owners have abandoned the homes, and the homes were deteriorating, and code enforcement liens were being enforced.  The caretaking service solved all of those issues.  In fact, several of the caretakers put offers in to purchase the properties! 

Have you ever showed a property where the grass was two feet tall, there were bugs and rodents in the home, it smelled musty, and the pool was green?  I know that we have.  Imagine those same properties that are now in show-ready condition, smelling fresh, and being cared for.  Home Caretakers International is not afraid of these types of properties.  In fact, we have listings ranging from $15,000 to $1.7 million in the program with caretakers in the properties.    

This service provides a win- win situation for all parties.  Realtors love the program because their listings will sell faster and for more money.  Caretakers love the program because they are able to live at a reduced cost of living.  And Homeowners love the program because their property, which was once a headache, is now being properly cared for.  Additionally, in a distressed situation, the banks love this program as well because their collateral is being maintained. 

This program has been featured in the news, and is experiencing great reviews.  I recommend using Home Caretakers International on all of your vacant listings.  For more information contact  813-658-0649 or visit www.homecaretakersinternational.com

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