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There is nothing better than eating breakfast for dinner, but what about for dessert?!?  At Geraldine's Counter, located in the charming Columbia City neighborhood of South Seattle - the home of Seattle's Best French Toast - it's a norm, at least for me.  I discovered Geraldine's Counter, a colorful, friendly diner 3 years ago while I worked in the Columbia City and now even though I live about 30 to 40 minutes away from Geraldine's Counter - I find myself frequenting the diner multiple times a week.  What brings me back to Geraldine's Counter over and over?  Easy, Seattle's Best French Toast!   Seattle's Best French Toast


It's so good that I no longer order the French Toast as a meal, but rather as  a dessert!  That way I can also experience all of the other wonderful menu items including the Emerald City Scramble (for breakfast), Mac n Cheese (for lunch) or their famous Buttermilk Fried Chicken (for dinner).  Geraldine's Counter is the type of diner that gives you more food than you typically need (atleast more than I need) however their food is so good that I often find myself finishing my plate, picking off my fiance's plate and then again ordering their French a dessert.  

Seattle's Best French Toast

The French Toast at Geraldine's Counter isn't the typical french toast your mother made as a child (sorry mom, yours was good but it doesn't hold a candle to Geraldine's).  They start by soaking their bread overnight!  Then they pan-fry it with butter.  The result, thick Texas Toast that is lighter than air.  Deliciously crunchy around the edges but softer than a cloud in the middle.  Impossibly buttery.  Ridiculously creamy.  It's almost a candied bread.  Each day their is a new fruit topping, from honey peaches to strawberries to blueberries, and the fruits are as fresh as you can imagine, just look at that picture.  Always fresh, always juicy and bursting with sweet, intense flavors that complement Seattle's Best French Toast perfectly.

Seattle's Best French Toast

The next time you are desiring a mind-blowing twist to a traditional meal, find your way down to Geraldine's Counter in the  Columbia City neighborhood of South Seattle and treat yourself to Seattle's Best French Toast.  My only word's of advice, order it as a dessert that way you don't short yourself a chance at another amazing menu item and be sure to get there early (or expect a short wait), the Seattle's Best French Toast, served at Geraldine's Counter is no longer a secret.


Geraldine's Counter


4872 Rainier Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 723-2080

Open: Tues-Fri 7am-9pm; Weekends 8am-3pm


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