Why Buy???

Managing Real Estate Broker with The Butler Team at Brokers Realty of CFI

The question is why not! I am writing this to educate the people who could potentially be buyers! Most are unaware of the type of programs that are out there that can get you into a home as close to no money out of pocket as possible! There are FHA bond programs that help low income families get into homes which is a phenomenal program! There is also a USDA loan which specific rural areas qualify under. Lastly there is the good old FHA loan. You can get into a home with as low as 3.5% of the purchase price down. There are other tactics as agents that we can use to your benefit as a buyer. Now answer me, where can you get into a place for that kind of money and invest in yourself?? Quit making other people rich and start investing in you and your family! We all have to live somewhere right?! So call the Renee Butler Team!

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