When Moving: Don't Forget

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Moving day is typically a high-stress occasion. No matter how organized and prepared you are, there is always a chance for a few things to fall through the cracks. Here are seven things to remember on the day of the big move.

1. Keep all valuables in your possession. This includes important paperwork, collections, family photos, jewelry, heirlooms, checkbooks, wallet/purse and the like. You do not want to hand these over to movers if possible.

2. Charge your mobile phone and keep it with you. In addition, take along your address book. And before the movers depart, be sure to exchange contact information.

3. Remember to ask for a copy of the inventory from the movers. You should also note the condition of your property before they leave.

4. Take out cash for incidentals. You may need to fill the gas tank or need money for lunch on the road. If the move is taking place within one day, you will want to tip the movers if the job is completed to your satisfaction. A good rule of thumb is $20 per mover.

5. Final payment for the moving company is traditionally due upon completion of the move.

6. Don't forget medications. Like your valuables, it is better to keep medications for you and your family members or pets with you.

7. Check the house before you leave. Turn off the lights and turn down the thermostat and hot water heater. Give each room a final once over. Lock all the windows and doors.

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