Four Seasons in Woodbridge, Irvine's Graceful Older Neighborhood

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One of my favorite passtimes is driving "The Loop" in Woodbridge during different seasons, even different times of day. You all have heard that Southern California does not have four seasons, yet in a neighborhood like Woodbridge, there are distinct different flavors in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Late spring in Woodbridge showcases beautiful Jacaranda trees with their lilac blossoms offset by the diffused light of the May and June marine layer. Driving the Yale Loop Road which encircles the gracious neighborhood when the Jacarandas are in full bloom lets one experience the beauty of passing under a green and lilac canopy.

Once the blossoms have fallen and carpeted the green lush parkway below, hot summer is not far off. Happy laughter and splashing can be discerned from the countless pool and park areas. Summertime, and the livin' is easy in Woodbridge. Shimmering, serene Northlake and Southlake invite residents and visitors to "sit and stay for a spell".

With the first cold snap in October the foliage of the many great dessiduous trees turns a warm yellow, red and finally terracotta. Many sunny days can still be enjoyed by the strolling, dog walking and jogging public. Yet all can see and feel the subtle harbingers of the cool season ahead.

Winter in Southern California, and thus in Woodbridge, is as pretty as a postcard. The air is clear and crisp. The snowcapped mountains present a majestic, breathtaking panorama above the lakes, where native ducks may well observe their cousins flying overhead to wintering destinations in the South. The setting is parklike, yet we are in the center of master-planner Irvine with all its great amenities and top schools.

Woodbridge is a lifestyle. Why not see if it's a fit for you?

Woodbridge PanoramaSnowcaps over the lake

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