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Vacant ListingSelling Vacant Homes Tampa, FL.  What is an agent to do with a deteriorating vacant listing?  Home Caretakers International has an idea about how combat the problem.

Presumably, a home’s condition worsens because the homeowner just did not want to pay for upkeep on a home they were going to lose through foreclosure or short sale.  This creates a chain reaction of issues in the market. 

First, the value of the home continues to decline and the fight between would-be buyers and the mortgage holder(s) heats up.  The bank thinks the home is worth a certain price based on market history.  But what they do not take into consideration is the terrible condition of the home.  Eventually, the banks have to come to the reality that the value IS the value and accept a lower price.  Their delay in facing that reality comes at a price; further reduced value.  Now, the short sale is even harder to negotiate because the gap in the homes current value and what is owed has been widened.

Tampa News Channel 8Traditionally, home-staging services have come into the picutre, but there is a cost.  Plus, according to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes are being targeted by theives.  Fortunately, there are services that can help end this downward cycle at no cost to the listing real estate agent or the seller.  Featured on the local Tampa Bay NBC news station, Florida-based Home Caretakers International provides a service that is made-to-order.  Home Caretakers International finds caretakers for the vacant listings.  The caretakers move into the home provided they and their furniture pass a screening to ensure that the caretaker is a good one and that their furniture matches the style of home. 

The goal of Home Caretakers International is to help listing Realtors and absentee owners sell their homes quicker and for a higher price.  Before and AfterMost people in the real estate business know that furnished houses sell better than unfurnished ones.  Add to that the upkeep on the property and the fact that the seller, seller’s lender and listing Realtor are under no obligation to pay for this service!  It is that simple. 

With fifteen years of experience in matching caretakers to vacant homes, Home Caretakers International is poised to help the existing home market through these challenging times.  By contacting Home Caretakers International now, homeowners and agents will have an advantage over other listings in the market.  Home Caretakers International can be reached at (813) 658-0649 or, find them on the web @ Home Caretakers International.

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