IS Selling REAL ESTATE Different Than Selling Anything Else?

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The answer is a blatant no. All sales share the same basic principles. Three basic principles of selling a product or service is qualifying, developing a relationship with the client and closing the sale.

The first part is qualification and extremely important because you need to obtain as much information as possible. Information is power. Qualification is finding out everything about the client. Remember the client has a problem and you are there to solve this problem. What is the problem?  He or she doesn't know what service or product they need to purchase. You are there to figure this out and resolve the problem. Also, the more time you spend in the process the more you will learn. 

There are many things you should be exploring and now I'm talking real estate because that's my business.

What is their  present personal situation ? Where do they live now ? if the client lives in a very expensive home or expensive area this will give you in most cases a great indication of the financial strength. What is the occupation ?  Probe your client, and find out what types of industry, profession or business the client is involved in. If the person is a  professional such as a doctor or lawyer they will be able to to spend more, in most cases, than someone working in a blue-collar position. Find out what they do for leisure activities and what is their interests because this will enable you to find the appropriate home or property the client would want to buy. And as you doing this share your experiences with the client to develop repoire. Develop a commonality. It's not what you say it's how you say it !

Now find out what the client's motives are. Do they want to buy a second home ? Is this a primary residence ? Do they want a single family home, condo, or townhouse  ?. Find out the location they are interested in and  be very specific. Find out the how price sensitive they are and be very direct .Ask the client what is the most they are willing to spend. Find out if the client is buying cash or obtaining a mortgage. Along this process you should be developing a relationship and becoming the clients friend and ally. Remember the client is not your enemy. 

I have been self-employed in sales and marketing for over 25 years and real estate is the first  business that I've heard that buyers are liars.  The client is your lifeline to success and should be treated with the utmost respect. Ever walk into a store and the salesperson treats you like you you like he wants to take your whole family and lock them inside a trunk.This is a perfect example of how not to treat a potential client. This salesperson is obviously unhappy with their job and should be in another profession. 

Remember you are the expert and you should instill confidence in your client. When you hire a doctor or lawyer do you question him in the same way as you would a salesperson. No, because you trust them and their capabilities. You should consider yourself the expert in your field and the client will pick up that you truly know what you're doing.

Trust is a tremendous factor in sales and your job is to guide the client and give them direction. If you have qualified the client appropriately you should have been able to eliminate all the negative possibilities and arrive at the positive one.. The process of elimination is very important in sales. Remember, when you are showing multiple properties you should be able to convince the client to buy the best property. The result is showing  the client all the properties he doesn't want to buy so you're left with the one he does want. You are in command! There's a difference between showing homes and making decisions for your clients.

The closing is an easy task because you have done all the proper evaluation to convince the client they are making the right decision. The client is not only buying the property but he's buying you and your expertise. You need to have great passion, knowledge, enthusiasm and belief in your product or service. When you believe in what you're selling, you will be a champion.If you don't you are destined for failure. 

My name is Tony Hammer of the Tony Hammer Group and I am a certified foreclosure and luxury property specialist in the South Florida area. There are many more intricacies involved in sales and I will touch on them at a later date. I specialize in the sales and listings of homes and condos in the Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas, Victoria Park, Coral Ridge, Wilton Manors, Rio Vista, Harbour Beach, Nurmi Isles, and Pompano Beach area. Marketing and exposure is a key factor to my success.




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Candy Miles-Crocker
Online Real Estate Agent Training - Chevy Chase, DC
Realtor - Real-Life Real Estate Training
Selling is matter what the product. Even people who don't think they can sell, sell everyday!
Aug 08, 2011 12:48 PM
Jose Rivas
Nottingham, MD

The basic priciples of selling apply to all types of business, Contraty to what some people think, selling is good and it is in our human nature.

Aug 13, 2011 11:16 AM