Georgetown SC drainage project (what tourist see vs what is here)

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Front street blocked

What travelors see



Georgetown SC fountain

What travelors may not see




To all the readers who do not know, Georgetown SC is a historic town that was started in 1729 and is the third oldest city in SC after Charleston and Beaufort. Most of the historic sites are located in the Historic district downtown. Many of the local businesses are centered on front street, nestled nicely on the waterfront. Recently the city (in conjunction with the DOT) has started a major drainage project that has cut off the main entrance to front street, causing a major disruption to the normal flow of traffic. Most of the tourist that travel to Georgetown do so while driving down highway 17 between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. The front street entrance is directly off of 17 and is marked by signage and a traffic light and now huge "detour" signs. I spoke to one business who stated the traffic into their store is down about 50%! The downtown area has so many business and so much to offer I wish the city would do a better job of directing traffic down Front street. With the fresh local seafood markets, tours, shops and restaurants I feel the average passers by really dont know what they are missing.

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