Mortgage and Lending with Ulysses Fletcher Mortgage Services

(A) Joint Venture/20% Equity. Require 10% of loan amount or
$100,000 down, loan amounts from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000. (10
days closing) LTV: 100%.
(B) Private Conventional Loans: LTV: 80%, RATE: 6%. Points: 6,
Closing: 45 days. Nationwide.
(C) Energy, Oil, Gold Mine, In ground, and Minerals
(D) Stock Loans
(E) Sports Contract loans (NBA,NFL,MLB,NHL)
(F) Joint Venture Private placement
(G) Lines of Credit
(H) SBA Loans and FHA loans
(I) Construction Loans, up to 100% of Completed Value, Bridge: 3-5
years, Points: 6, loan amount: $500,000-$350,000,000.

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