Apple or pear: Which one are you?

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Well guess what? this doesn’t matter anymore!comparing womens bodies this way turns out to be an


unfruitful predictor of heart risk, researchers have recently reviewed 58 studies representing over


220,000 peoplecontrary to the belief that if your carrying extra tummy pudge is worse than having


hefty hips, they found that all excess fat wherever its deposited is fact the analysis which


linked specific risk factors to future cardiovascular health, body-shape measures, such as waist circumference


and waist-to-hip ratio, were relatively poor forecasters, but obestity itself did matter. it can set you up


for some of the leading risk factors, such as high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol and diabetes!the


good news for apple and pears, being overweight is something one can change, with good healty diet and


good excerise routein. here are some fat burning mistakes that women generally make:




Mistake 1 Skipping Breakfast and Not Eating Protein in the Morning
Do not skip breakfast thinking you'll save calories or you are too busy. The worst reason for skipping breakfast is that you are not hungry. You are looking at maximum fat loss, improving your energy, health and quality of life here. You have to eat food to stimulate your metabolic rate. Plus, protein is necessary for hormonal balance and maintaining balanced blood chemistry. Protein will keep your muscles full and tight, instead of stringy and saggy.
You need a paradigm shift. You need to put your physical body first. Skipping breakfast triggers ravenous hunger later in the day and slows down your metabolism. A study in the Journal of Obesity Research shows that eating breakfast, which contains equal protein to lowglycemic wholegrain carbohydrate ratios every single day is a key strategy among people who average 60 pound weight loss and have kept it off for six years.


Mistake 2 Starving Yourself
Slashing too many calories too fast hoping to lose more fat is a total mistake unless you are eating 4,500+ calories like a male bodybuilder who eats to grow. Cutting your calories down to a starving rate; under 1,000, pushes the body to conserve fat rather than burn it.
It literally shuts down your metabolism, which is your body's natural primary calorie and fatburning system. In many cases it forces your body to use healthy muscle tissue for survival fuel.
Work on eating four mini balanced meals a day to keep your metabolism fired up and your energy constant. You will see greater results faster this way, plus you will have healthier digestion that is crucial for fat loss. Get that food in and keep it moving out! Don’t let it settle in your colon creating bloating, parasites and poor weight loss results
.remember key to fat loss is consume your daily if not just a little more of your calories, remember this allows your body to shift to metabolic.metabolic = fat loss. and fat loss = healthy life style!

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