Main Line Real Estate, Buying a Home and the Realtor that gets you there. Part 2

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Why would anyone want to own a home??? That is the one question when something breaks in my house. It drives me crazy. I swear I will never own again and think about how nice it would be the live in a rental and the just call the supervisor if something broke. But then I would have no control on when it would be fixed!!! Oh sure like I have a lot of control over when a plumber or an electrician will magically appear. We had a rain storm a few days ago and I was worried if the foundation leak that I had repaired 3 years ago would be leaking again. It is like I have some sort post stress disorder. What makes it worse is that I am a Realtor.

I sell a dream, a lifestyle. We buy these homes because we are getting married, got a raise or having a baby. The reasons are numerous. But what is this crazy nesting syndrome that we have. Don’t get me wrong, I love houses. I love looking at them, feeling them, breathing in their odors and trying to figure out what is cause. I love to visualize what they offer to a family. How they would look once they are cleaned and updated. It is my job to find the perfect house and trust me I can look forever. However didn’t all start in Levittown after the war “Buy the American Dream” home ownership? Don’t we just need a tarp over our heads? Well not exactly. It is a place here we realize our dreams can come true. It is where we listen to music, become creative, rest our bodies and soul and plan for the future. A home becomes an extension of who we are.

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