How to keep your Phoenix closet toasty warm.

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How to keep your Phoenix closet toasty warm.

Many times people use various kinds of space heaters to heat a particular room.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Most of the time it is the living room or the bedroom, but never the closet.  Here in Phoenix there are maybe one or two months where space heaters are used.  You can open your blinds up and heat up a room very quickly this time of year.  Here is a picture I took with an infrared camera recently at an inspection at a Phoenix home.

Uninsulated Attic Hatch

At first glance you might think that this is just a window without blinds.  It is actually an attic hatch in the closet ceiling.  The attics in Phoenix get very hot.  When there is only a half inch piece of drywall between your house and the attic it is the same as installing a window.

Here is a simple fix to this problem.  Normally builders just provide a piece of fiberglass batt on the back of the drywall.  Once that comes loose from the drywall it never gets put back on.  The simple fix for this is to get 2" thick rigid foam insulation.  Cut it 1/4" smaller than the drywall.  Glue two layers on to the back of the drywall.  Place weatherstripping on top of the trim that the drywall sits on.  This eliminates drafts.

Implement this simple fix and you can eleminate hot closets.

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Lori Gardiner
RE/MAX River's Edge - Bristol, RI

HI Loren,

Great tips!  Thanks for sharing. Have a great night!

Aug 09, 2011 12:46 PM