Main Line Real Estate and the Realtor who gets you there. Divorce and Buying and Selling a Home

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Did I ever tell you that divorces make up a very large part of our business? So when choosing a Realtor you should find one that has been divorced. Yes, I have been there and survived. Having been through the process I know it is doable, and less traumatic than the divorce. So chin up let’s get started. Choosing the right home for your smaller family minus one is an interesting process because now it is all about you, the children and the various pets or whatever else you might have accumulated. I bought my home because of the dog, it had a fenced in yard. When you have made your final decision there is a sense of euphoria until your teenager who goes screaming through the house that they hate it and refuse to live there. The only way to calm them down is by offering them a 50in flat screen TV, it works every time. Selling you home also comes with a different set of issues. I once had a client, a lawyer who was getting a divorce but it had not finalized and he wanted to put the house on the market immediately. However I had to explain to him that you can not do this until the judge and all parties involved have agreed and signed on the dotted line. Last and not least the most important advice I can give you is to decide in advance what you are willing to concede during negotiations. Mentally you feel more in control and positive about the outcome. Compromise is about winning not losing. My personal experience, divorce is not an easy road but when the dust has settled my new home has provided me the opportunity to create a wonderful new life with peace and serenity.

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