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It may seem crazy to you to think that you would have to think about security when selling your house. But, believe it or not, such a time may leave your home more vulnerable to a breach of security. Recent reports of home burglary detail new tactics that criminals are now using to target home sellers, including stealing valuables during a walk-through of an open house while posing as a real-estate agent or potential buyers. In order to help make you aware of selling safety, this brief article provides you with some tips on selling your home.

•Hire a Realtor.  Without a Realtor there's no certain way for you to qualify buyers before allowing them to come through your house.  They can also confirm another real estate agent's licensing information.

•Make neighbors, family, and friends aware that you will be having an open house and at exactly what time, so that they may keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activity.

•Only open your house to visitors by appointment only.

•Before any visitor enters your house require a log to be filled out with detailed information (ex. Name, Phone Number, Address, etc.)

•Record descriptions of visitors, including their physical appearance, car description and license plate number.

•Keep a maintained landscape to avoid any potential areas of cover for any burglars looking to break in when you are away from your home.

•Never disclose home security details to any visitor, as this means you are compromising the safety of your house.

•Hide any valuables, especially smaller items, so that they are not at risk of being stolen. (Do this for any virtual tour home selling, too, since burglars may scope out items up for grabs based on what they see in the video online)

•Stay behind any guest that comes into your house so that they are in your line of vision and can't pull any tricks.

•Allow as much light into the house as possible. In addition to this being an open house safety precaution (it's also a bonus to attracting buyers!).

•Know the quickest way to leave your house in case any emergency may occur.

Selling your home is already a stressful task, and the last thing you want is to worry over the vulnerability of your home because you are not taking all the steps you can to protect it. Remember that a successful sale is not just selling your house but maintaining house security as well. Put these simple tips into practice to help you sell your home while still having home security, and you'll increase your chances of having that truly successful sale!

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Gina Tufano
Ask Gina & Company with Pearson Smith Realty - Sterling, VA
Ask Gina & Company, Northern Virginia Real Estate

These are some great tips for keeping everything secure and safe. Having a Realtor on your side is the first step!

Aug 10, 2011 03:00 AM
Andre Shambley
Decorus Realty - Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Thanks Gina!  You're right a Realtor on your side can prevent you from a world of trouble.

Aug 12, 2011 01:59 AM