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  Homes & Land Marketing Minute

August 2011

From the Publisher

From the Publisher
August Marketing Minute

Gary Bartlett

"People pick up Homes & Land because they're buying a home or selling a home. This is where your audience is. From a very early point in my career, I turned to Homes & Land to capture the attention of buyers & sellers in the community and establish myself as a real estate professional. In fact, part of my listing presentation always includes the most recent copy of Homes & Land. Showing a copy of my ad sends a vote of confidence to the seller. They want to know where and how their home will be promoted, so I give them concrete evidence of how their home will be displayed if they do business with me. Homes & Land has certainly helped me stand out, and helped me significantly grow my business and sustain my business, even in a down market."
- Gary Bartlett, Gary Bartlett Real Estate, Tallahassee, FL

Get Buyers' Attention

Need Some Attention?
If you are trying to convey an important message, capturing someone's attention is vital, and that's not easy to do. Americans have more media options than ever, and they like to use different media at the same time.
How to Break Through

QR Code Strategies

QR Codes: What's Your Strategy?
by Karen Keenan, RISMedia
QR Codes offer exciting opportunities for delivering information quickly to people that are mobile. They also provide a quick and easy way to do more with a single marketing channel. But before jumping in, it's important to consider this: QR codes are no different than other direct marketing tools in that you must build a strategy, tactics and plan for testing, tracking and measuring results. Start with a strategy that answers the question, What do I want to accomplish and how do I get there?
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Create Stark-raving Fans

Create Stark-Raving Fans
Satisfied customers are nice to have, but they aren't going out of their way to tell anyone about you. What you need are stark-raving fans. To get people excited, you need to deliver much more than you promise. Sounds hard to do, doesn't it? The key, according to author and entrepreneur Michael Michalowicz, is to make a promise that you can actually exceed.
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"Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional."
Roger Crawford, Motivational Author and Speaker


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