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Discover Downtown Fort Myers at Art Walk Night

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Outdoor art exhibit downtown fort myers

Fort Myers is right in my backyard and I didn't know what a treasure it was until I went to my first Art Walk.  "Art Walk" is held the first Friday evening of every month.  The city was humming with artsy, intellectual types from near and far; young, older and families.  Street musicians, art displays in the streets, bubbling fountains and courtyards, shops and galleries with doors open and a crush of people waiting to view each and every piece of art hung on the walls and casting their ballots for their Favorite Piece of Art.
    Is it a stretch to say I have not been as intrigued with a downtown at night since I visited Prague? Perhaps, but Prague is a continent away, and Fort Myers is right here.
    Art exhibit in Downtown Fort MyersPhotos above show an outdoor exhibit, clever with cut metal, words and light creating artistic shadows of words displayed on the sidewalk and the buildings. People also becoming the canvas as they walk down the sidewalk.
    Inside that same building was a creative art exhibit whose theme was Doors. Each and every piece of art used a door theme, and some were quite imaginative. Some artists saw the door as simply a physical canvas, others saw the door as a barrier to break thru, others saw the door as an opening into other miniature or larger than life worlds. Art served it's purpose to intrigue and inspire imaginations.
    Street performers, talanted, versatile and impromptu pleased the crowds with guitar, violin, and singers.
    Downtown eateries, restaurants, night clubs, cafes and coffee houses were open with tables and patrons spilling out into the streets mingling with the wonderful scents of cooking, clatter and music. Little fold-out portable "bars" were set up on the sidewalks, for those on the go. With our fabulous weather here in Fort Myers, dining al fresco is a year round event.
So many delicious options: The French Connection, Cafe Matisse and The Downtown House of Pizza to name a few. The pizza maestro was in his front window orchestrating his pizza dough and putting on quite the show for passersby.
Pizza in Downtown Fort MyersCombine food, music, art and a happy crowd in a restored and historic building district, what's not to love? Did I mention that this area also runs along the Caloosahatchee River so is also scenic by daylight and is boat accessible, should you be the yachting sort. 
    Fort Myers, thanks for the fresh and fun and upbeat vibes that you have going on.  If you lived in the Historic McGregor area of Fort Myers you could be within walking distance of this great night out.  I am a REALTOR and I can help you find that perfect home.