Going Beyond Every Day Okay

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Very few people actually live in their homes as if it on display and available for sale on a day to day basis. While it may be the hardest part of listing your home for sale, it is absolutely essential when marketing your home.

Starting from the curb all the way to the most seemingly insignificant closet inside, it's absolutely imperative that your home's appearance go beyond “everyday okay”.

Outside, the lawn should be maintained, flowers and bushes properly pruned and trimmed, and the home should look welcoming.

Inside, dusting and smudges should be taken care of on a daily basis, any laundry folded and put away, dishes washed and put away. Don't miss simple items such as clothes not hanging properly, partially open dresser drawers, books and magazines in disarray and even wall hangings off kilter.

As “picky” as it sounds, you want everything in your home to give the perfect impression. Not leaving any question of the maintenance of the home.

Not living in the home you are selling? Even vacant homes need to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially since dust may tend to show up more in a vacant home.

Do homes in lower price ranges need to be spotless as well? Absolutely, perhaps even more so. Generally lower price homes are smaller than the upper price range – thus making every inch of space vitally important. A home that gleams will appear larger and costlier, adding value to your home over the competition.

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