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No community is complete without clean water. M.E. Simpson Company has been working with local communities  around the country since 1979 to run utility testing in order to aid clients with all of their water distribution and wastewater collection needs.

M.E. Simpson provides a number of online services that local goverments have access to. Their professional services cover everything from Large Meter Evaluation, Testing and Report to Valve Location, Exercising an Documentation.

They have teamed up with BSI Online to provide backflow testing and management services to their local customers as well. With M.E. Simpsons outstanding level of water quality testing, local communities are able to control the quality of water entering into the homes of all local residents.

M.E. Simpson prides themselves in their Polcon® Products that they have developed for all of their clients to use to maximize their peak performance in water distribution and wastewater collection. There are currently four Polcon® products available:

- The Polcon® Sentry Recorder
- The Polcon® Pacer
- The Polcon® Pitot Rod
- The Polcon® Pipe Caliper

Each product is designed, developed and used by M.E. Simpson at all of their locations around the country.

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