Keeping a balance, work and family

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My sons, ages 6 and 2

Pictured above the CHAIR-man of the board and the companies technology officer lounging in their favorite spot, their dads recliner.



As I sit here blogging I have to describe my surroundings so you get an understanding of what im up against. In my home office my 2 year old son has found the thrill of a lifetime playing in my laptop bag on the floor. I have a pile of UN-filed reports/agreements on my desk and I just got done with a visitor at my door which wasn't related to work. Now i know what many of you may be thinking, "you have to keep work and home separate" but recently I have started pondering this question. Now im not saying this is typical for me, quite the contrary today has been an exception. My babysitter has a fever and my wife was booked solid with appointments so I am Mr Mom today. However when you work from a home office is your life ever really separated into work or family? I suppose there are 2 ways of looking at this. 1 is that you are never away from your office (and at least in my case) you are never really "off". The second way to see it is that since you are at home and family life has a tenancy to intrude you never really get enough done in the typical day. In my case I can say that both points are valid depending on the day. Most days I am in my office strictly by myself on my laptop working. Even worse I end up getting calls at weird hours, usually any time I sit down for a movie or even a bite to eat. On the other end of that spectrum there are the days when the babysitter is sick or the wife has an unexpected appointment

and the work gets put off until I get back. Both ends of the spectrum have their own problems but I am now working on balancing both extremes. Admittedly in my current situation I think my business will end up taking much more of my time than any typical job would. However I hope that with the flexibility real estate offers I hope to take some "fishing days" for me and the family.

If you dont enjoy yourself from time to time, what good is it?