Cleaning Tip #5

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How to get rust marks off the toilet bowl.


Everyones had a listing or a house where the water is hard and leaves rust marks in the toilet bowl.

Here is a simple way to get rid on them.


Things you'll need

  • Gloves
  • Copper pipe sand paper
  • Spray bottle of water

Put on the gloves!

Gently rub the rust mark with the sand paper. Be careful not to scratch the bowl. Spray with water to rinse.

Comments (3)

Kay Perry
Kay Perry, Broker - College Station, TX
Hi Liz, Where do we find copper pipe sand paper?  So IF we rub gently it won't scrath the bowl?  I'll have to try that. Thanks for sharing. Great idea.
Oct 21, 2007 03:47 AM
Wayne Miller
San Diego, CA

Hmmm, good tip to pass on to the homeowner...I think I'll  focus on markeing and selling. 

Thanks for the tip.

Oct 21, 2007 03:55 AM
Liz Gimelson
Realty Mark Associates - Chalfont, PA
Bucks County Realtor-PA & NJ Notary
Copper pipe sand paper can be found at Lowes, Home Depot and even Walmart. It is a few bucks.....but well worth it!
Oct 21, 2007 03:56 AM