Together is Better

Services for Real Estate Pros with EXIT Realty Corp. USA

Quotes are just words unless they have meaning for the reader. The quote  "If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail”, by Winston Churchill, seems so appropriate for the world we live in today. Either through tragedy or triumph, when humans come together for good cause, calm and healing prevail.  We have recently experienced government overthrows and demonstrations that have shook nations around the world. There comes a point when individuals want their opinion heard and when they come together with others, they become stronger.

Franchising has become more popular I believe mainly due to the power of support, value, and the feeling of “together”. I have witnessed strong independent firms with excellent tools, systems and branding, sometimes reaching across state lines with strong market share. This comes with hard work, leadership, and staying focused on the goal and mission of the firm. Control can also be a strong motivation for independent firms to remain independent. Being in charge of your own company without having big brother looking down can certainly be attractive. 

We at EXIT Realty have seen a noticeable shift from independent to franchise in the past few years. Why you say? There are many reasons why a conversion takes place (and by the way, some go the other way). Some firms want to grow but are limited in their resources, some need technology dollars to invest and stay current with the fast-paced world today, but most are looking for support. Along with all the value a franchise can bring, there is always a cost of doing business. Whether it is through royalties, franchise fees or other revenue-generating means, the mother ship must remain healthy to invest in systems and continue the support for its franchisees.


Choosing the right franchise can be a challenge. Similar to an agent switching firms, it is very emotional and can be costly. The things you need to consider whether you are an agent, broker, or owner considering a change. Look at the stability of the company, the leadership, the value-add and the cost of belonging which includes ongoing royalties. Our company for example, provides a minimum transaction fee with a low cap, no royalty percentages, and many free tools and resources for its Associates. The base franchise model is an excellent example of low-cost with high-value. Each office is independently owned and operated and each market is different, but if you consider the model of the franchise you are considering, always compare apples to apples.


It is important you feel wanted and welcome in the company you choose. Since we are a people-business, it is always important to consider if the leadership embraces community, the giving principle, and if they can provide the tools, training and support to help you make more money, with the quality of life you are seeking.  Whether you choose independent or franchise, make the decision that best suits you and your family, because in the end, together is better.


Make it a great month!    Craig