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Reins From Above, Therapeutic Riding Center in Kenly

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Reins from Above is a therapeutic riding center in Kenly, North Carolina. It is a marvelous place run entirely by volunteers. They offer therapeutic riding to students with many different special needs. Autism, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, learning disabilities, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, stroke, mental health issues and behaviour challenges.

Reins from Above Therapeutic riding

The barn is located on Hwy 42 East in Kenly and the students come from all over, today there was a family from Fort Bragg in Fayetville who come every Saturday. There are currently about thirty students enrolled in classes. There are about fourteen horses at Reins from Above who come mainly from donations of older horses who have seen it all but aren’t ready to retire. The horses have to have a certain temperament obviously and so they don’t just take any horse that comes in.
The horses must be bomb proof, love humans, be patient and enjoy working.
Once the student has mounted there is a person on both sides at all times and a lead person taking the horse. While I was there this morning David the instructor asked if would, help so I took one side of Charity and off we went. This is one of the ways people can volunteer their time is to be a side walker. There is always stuff to do around the barn so volunteers are always welcome.Reins from Above Therapeutic riding
Of course making a donation is also much appreciated or sponsoring a child is another great way to help, horses eat a lot, and need heat and cooling and water and grass and they might need a vet so if you would like to help go to their website at Reins from Above and you can make a donation there.
Classes are Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 and 3.30-5.30 and on Saturdays 9-1
Stacey Ryder is the Program Director and when I first met Stacey she was working out of a trailer and to see the facility she has now it is remarkable.
Reins from Above can be reached at (919) 938-1556 or reinsfromabove@hotmail.com

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