The Choices We Make About Housing

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The choices we make about housing.

We are confronted by all sorts of information about the housing market.  It 's going down, it's coming back, it's never coming back, it going to be a "renter's world" from now on, etc.

I'm not sure what the future will hold for housing but I believe it is the cornerstone for a satisfying and stable personal life.

Denise and I live in a small home on the edge of the Trent River near Pollocksville, NC. The Trent River winds and twists thru the farm lands and forest of Jones and Craven counties on it's way to the much bigger Neuse River in New Bern.

We have had many neat and happy memories spring up for us in the little house and I'd like to share a few with you today.

Picture of Denise picking blueberries


Here is a picture of Denise picking blueberries off of the bushes that we have growing in the yard.

Neighbors and friends have stopped by to talk and pick some berries for themselves as well.




4 honeybee hives in Jones County


We became interested in honeybees and started a hive. Now we have four hives.  We just collected our first honey last week.

We joined the Jones County Honeybee Keepers Club and met lots of new and interesting folks that we have identified with and enjoy seeing from time to time.

Sometimes we just sit outside and watch them coming in to the "airport" in the evenings.




GSP Charllie "Phelps" swimming the Trent RiverCharlie "Phelps" our German Shorthair Pointer can swim in the River anytime he wants.  With the hot Summer here in North Carolina bearing down this is a frequent sight from the porch and he's really getting pretty good at it.

 A few weeks ago he went all the way across to the other bank, barked a few times and then came back across.





Lot of folks are worried about their homes and making money on their investment and I can appreciate that. Sometimes however I think that the need for shelter and the desire for home-ownership kinda got twisted up and converted into a way to flip and make a quick buck. Expectations changed for homeowners.

I honestly belive that is part of the fallout that many areas are experiencing today. I understand that if you don't have a job or money you may be forced to sell quickly and that may lead to some really unpleasant things right now. But if you don't need to sell, sit back enjoy the home you really loved the day you bought it.

Build those memories and friendships that enrich our lives.  Get involved in the community and get the most out of life while you can.

We have two Great Horned Owls that sit at the edge of the woods and hoot all night long.  They are pretty funny and I sometimes try to find them with the flashlight. It's fun to try to spot them on a tree limb.

We wake up to this view everyday...

View of the Trent River Pollocksville, NC

 We live in a very small, plain house on the edge of the River. We have made some very good things happen here.

It did not cost a bunch of money but it did require alot of work and sweat to get it where it would work for us.

It took committment to rehab it and clean up the property.

Today homeowners are faced with many tough decisions.

I hope you can find the good in your situation and make some good memories where you are!




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Kathy Sheehan
Bay Equity, LLC 770-634-4021 - Atlanta, GA
Senior Loan Officer

Sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy the simple things in life!

Aug 14, 2011 02:00 AM
Homer Ray
Eastern NC Homes - New Bern, NC
Eastern NC Homes

Thanks Kathy,

We have really enjoyed calling it and making it "home".

Aug 14, 2011 02:16 AM