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Remodel older home you say? Be prepared for unexpected mind changes!

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A while back my sister says "brother, I would like to fix my  garage converted family room  (which was a step down) to be level with the kitchen"! I said to her "OK, I will look into that that for you and get some estimates!". WOW, almost a year later and close to 100k you can now walk into the family room without stepping up or down! lol!

When I said be prepapred Im not kidding!, I am not a professional contractor but a pretty darn good one anyway(so Ive been told) and I knew there was going to be problems and mind changes along the way so I am not surprised by this I just want anyone who is considering doing this to be prepapred and to ask lots of question before partaking in a daunting task of living in drywall dust for months!  My sisters home was built in the mid sixties, back then they built certain things a little different than today to say the least!. Home owners and diy ers sometimes are not always up to speed on current codes and when you tear into a project with a permit in hand there will likely be things that will be added to your project to meet current code requirements.







Here is a pic of the the familyroom that was on a concrete slab, being dug down for a crawl space and proper framing and foundation being installed so that my sisters feet will be warm (instead of the concrete slab).

Here the center beam has been placed and ledger board installed. More to follow!


Anne M. Costello
Weidel Realtors - Yardley, PA

Looking forward to following this project.

Aug 14, 2011 07:26 AM