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Very good post! I think if we could do the had written more often it would be greatly appreciated.  I'm guilty of saying Happy Birthday!!! on FB but not sending a card.  A personal Card or note can go a long way to brighten up someones life. It also gives them something they can hold in their hand to refer back to on a not so good day. 

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Original content by Tanya Spotts

I make every attempt to build relationships with not only my clients and business associates, but also those who are family and friends.  Yes, I use text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, but like we all know, nothing replaces the old fashion way of relating to people- face to face communication!

Friday, I set at the front desk at our Long & Foster office on phone duty.  Yes, we still do this and yes, I have gotten many new clients by just taking a 2 hour shift at the desk.  I learn by all these experiences, how to answer a phone, and establish a rapport with someone who just wants to get information, no need for other help.  I learn to connect on a very basic level, something many of the younger generation is not learning very well.

Our communication process is in constant change as it has been through the centuries.  I am reminded of this when I read some old letters of past relatives.  They did not have a phone, a car, or other speedy ways to see each other; they relied on the written word to maintain friendships.

Today, we rely on technology to keep us in touch with one another.  However, we must understand that now more than ever, we must remember to remain human when we use all this stuff to further our relationships. That smiling icon  Smiling Icon   is not a substitute for a real smile; hearing the non-verbal parts of our speech communication like tone, body language, and inflection can never substituted.  We are more than the sum of our messages.  I recall my children asking me to speak to their friends gently when discussing things over the phone.  I realize even my speech can come across to them as sounding like scolding.  My facial expressions would show I am showing concern, not anger.

So think about this next time you send an email, text message, or any type of communication process, there is and never will be any substitute to FACE-TO -FACE TIME. While much has been done to improve speed of service, quality still remains uniquely human.

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Roy Kelley
Realty Group Referrals - Gaithersburg, MD

Good selection for a re-blog.  There is no substitution for face to face communications.  A written thank you note will be remembered much longer than an email message. Too many of us try to take the easy route.

 Life is good!

Aug 14, 2011 07:48 AM