Surprise Visit

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I recently received a call from Maria, a very pleasant surprise.  Jack and Maria live in New York and had purchased about 4.5 acres of land with a boat slip from me a while back.  They were in town so I walked over to the Tiki Bar to say hello.  Evidently they were having a great holiday of fishing, relaxing and becoming more acquainted with the area.  They had been out on a fishing boat and were very pleased with their catch.  Maria was especially pleased that the captain's wife came along, as the girls enjoyed socializing. 

Jack showed me photos of an old Harley Servicycle he had restored and it is "drop dead" gorgeous!  The paint job on that Servi is phenominal!  He also had photos of another Servi that he is currently working on.  This one is being customized, and I am certain that the work on it will be as flawless as the first.

They visited their property here and had met some of their neighbors.  Jack was excited to learn that the neighbor beside them was from the same area where they currently live.  Small world!  They really enjoy Oriental and left saying "we'll be back next month".  If you ever get to meet Jack, Maria, and their little dog Peanut, take time to get to know them.  You'll be glad you did.

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