Pink Boots and a Machete by Mireya Mayor

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my copyI received Pink Boots and a Machete by Mireya Mayor as a gift and wasn't sure if I was interested enough to pick it up or that it would be any good.  Boy, was I surprised!

Mireya Mayor was an NFL cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins and while in college became intrigued with learning about primates.  She managed to go on an expedition to Guyana and she was hooked.

Each of the chapters covers a different trip she's been on.  You'll be fascinated and grossed out at the same time.  Her descriptions make you want to pick up and go until she describes how a flea can burrow under your skin and hatch it's babies there.

If you're looking for an entertaining read about wildlife and exploration, this book's for you.  Give it to your daughters'll be a great reminder that there is nothing we can't do!

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