What color is your house?

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After a potential buyer left the house, the buyers agent and myself were commenting on the felling a foreclosure has. We both agreed that they are just sad. You can feel the doom and gloom and most seem to have a cloud over them. They have had several agents. Their owners know more than anybody in the real estate business. The problems are just going to get better and soon their troubles will be over. Most seem to be painted GRAY.


GREEN?  Is the house green with envy because the house next door sold a week ago. Maybe the pool is that color. Or maybe the  house is eco friendly and its owners have used green products to produce a friendly atmosphere.

YELLOW?  The house maybe filled with jelousy as its watches potential buyers coming and going to houses in the neighborhood that are priced right.

RED?  Maybe the house is red hot. It is priced right ,ready for showings ,decluttered and makes every effort to get an offer.

BLACK and BLUE?  Is your house beat up? Maybe kicked around. No one comes to view it. You haven't talked to the agent in weeks. My excuses are my crutches and I have put band aids on all the problems that have come up.

BROWN? We have been for sale for so long. Nothing is going on. The lawn is brown and not cut. The flowers and plants in the garden are dead. All we lack are the tumbleweeds.

PINK? We are in the pink at this location. We love our agent, have open houses, Brokers open, and viewings. Our agents guided us to a current and real listing price. We are tickled pink.

So take a good look at your  property with your crayon box in your hand.  What color is the house? It does not have to be changed with a gallon of paint. It can be changed with a talk with your Real Estate agent. The color specialist. Tell them what color you want your house to be!!!!!!







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This is a great posting which uses humor to make the point that a seller really does need to listen to his Realtor if he wants to get his house sold and move on to the next phase of his life...light blue.

According to http://www.phrizbie-design.com/aura-chart.html light blue represents hope & faith. Harmony, peace & tranquillity, forgiveness, fidelity, honesty, patience & devotion. Used to purify the home. Need to learn from past mistakes; & take care in choices. Relieves anxiety & confusion.


Dec 31, 2011 04:53 AM