What is your sweet spot?

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All good comes from change and all change start with one person, who sees a need and takes action.     A Leader then influences others to act as well towards that same common goal.

It is not that the leader is better than the follower, or even than the initiator but rather that they are willing to act on issues  requiring  them to influence others in order to be achieved. In most cases this collective influence brings a focus that last over time and results in dramatic change from the previous condition.

Bill Hybels is the leader of a church near Chicago. He saw a need for the modern church to be influenced by the leaders of business and vice versa.  In 1995, He initiated an annual event that provided a platform for that to occur. Since that time the Seminar he started has spread to 75 countries and this year was attended by nearly 150,000 paid attendees.

His influencing of others has brought about change all over the place.

Bill asked 5 questions of the leaders who were in attendance.

1.       What is your current challenge level at work?

A.      Are you underutilized ?   B. Appropriately utilized? C. Dangerously over utilized ?

You must be challenged in order to grow, so the sweet spot is just inside of the last level.

If you allow yourself to stay at redline all the time you will breakdown in unhealthy ways. You should be pushed continually but not to the max continually.

Performance increases over time with some pressure and stresses applied to it. However the bell curve degrades if that pressure reaches an overwhelming level and the crash can destroy not only the gains made by the performance but damage the performer as well.

We all have a bucket of energy, if we use up or give away energy we all realize that we find was to replenish the water from time to time . The stresses that we deal with daily are like small and often times large holes that are poked in our bucket, if we do not deal with them they will drain us quicker then we can replenish ourselves.

Thanks for joining me as I reflect , I will take up the other questions on another post


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Kathy Mathis

That is good, Barry.  I'm proud to be your mother! 

Aug 17, 2011 12:53 PM
BrokerBarry Mathis
Property Management Solutions - Roseville, CA

Mom ,

All bloggers love to get feedback from what they post , even a little bit helps encourage you to keep posting however it looks better to the world if the only person that loves your creativity is not your mom.

Then again how would it look if even your mom didn't like what you wrote?

I Love you and hope to see you in NOV.

Aug 18, 2011 02:20 AM