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Your Morning Routine Dictates Your Success/Failure

Reblogger Jose Rivas
Real Estate Agent

This morning I read this post from Steve Warren and it got me very motivated to have a strong day growing my business. I am usually the one who gets up when the alarm goes off and hit the day running, but there are days when I feel lazy and I drag the rest of the day.

 Steve has a great story and really got me thinking today, I want to share this story with you.

Original content by Steve Warrene

How are you starting your mornings?  Do you wake up to an annoying alarm clock, reach over hit the snooze button and lay there thinking that you would like to throw that alarm clock out the window? (yet ever if you wanted to you are to tired to do so)  Laying there you hate the thought of getting out of your nice and comfortable bed.  All you want to do is sleep another 2 hours.  The alarm goes off again, you shut it off, grumble under your breath and get up feeling like your ass is filled with weights.  No energy or desire to start the day.  That my friends is where your day is dictated by feeling tired and unorganized.  Its proven that if you get up an hour earlier (yea that might mean yo have to go to bed an hour earlier) and go for a Nice walk or work out for 45 minutes that your mind will work more efficiently and you will have more energy.Before my girlfriend got cancer I used to get up at 4am, go pick her up (right up the road) and we would go to the local trails and walk for 45 minutes.  I would drop her off come home shower and be wide awake.  And during that time is when I got alot of business.  I didn't realize it till I stopped walking in the morning with her.  But your morning walk up call can either be "Why did the alarm have to go off?"  or " Alright Im ready to go for my walk and make something of myself  today!!"   I still get up early but not walking with her yet again but then again she had cancer and the chemo was kicker her ass pretty good.  Luckily she is free and clear of cancer but still has to go to the dr about 4 times a month.  When she regains her stamina and energy (which we are working on now) we will be out there at 430 EVERY day again. 

You morning routine DOES have an impact on your success/failure.

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Emmer Development Corp. - Gainesville, FL

Thanks for sharing, Jose! People always complain about Mondays, but it seems a lot of the time people still have some stamina from the weekend and really start to drag on Tuesday, so this was perfectly timed! 

Aug 16, 2011 03:53 AM