Help! I can't make my house payment

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I have chatted and emailed with many many homeowners who are struggling to make their housepayment.  Divorce, unemployement, reduction in working hours, the reasons for a decreased cash flow are numerous.  

A friend once told me, this is like lying in quicksand.  If you fight and flap your arms and legs around, you will certainly drown.  If you lie still, listen and plan carefully, you can survive. 

When talking to distressed homeowners, the emotions they are going thru are very similar to mourning.  Disbelief, Yearning or Bargaining, Anger, Depression and then finally, maybe, Acceptance.  Even tho these stages will progress naturally over a period of time, many times when one might be facing foreclosure, time is not on their side.  This is when a homeowner should enlist is a true real estate professional.  Reach out! Call or email and interview them!  Find someone who understands your situation.  Every situation is different and even tho some cannot be resolved thru real estate methods, at least you can find out. Call a few real estate professionals.  Get educated! Google them, check them out, see what other people think about them.  Then hire the one that best suits your needs and has your best interest in mind.

Foreclosure is a choice.

Did you know that out of all the foreclosures in 2010, that 70% were never listed?  Don't hide.  There are options!


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Charlie Ragonesi - Big Canoe, GA
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I tell the folks who idicate they are introuble to talk to me early. The earlier they talk to me the more options we have

Aug 17, 2011 06:14 AM