People should own homes, NOT BANKS!

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How To Stop Foreclosure - Bella Homes, LLC   Bella Homes, LLC was developed to help people save their homes and stop foreclosure. If you are in foreclosure and you are in fear of losing your home you are about to make the best foreclosure choice possible. We are interested in saving your home from foreclosure and if you can no longer afford your payments and are fed up do not walk away contact us we can assist you with lowering your monthly payments.

Foreclosure Process Facts You Should Know:

  • A Foreclosure Occurs Every 13 Seconds In the US !
  • 3.8 MILLION Foreclosures Will Be Filed by the end of 2011
  • Foreclosures Now Are Outpacing Loan Modifications By 2:1
  • Rising Unemployment Rates Disqualifies 100,000s Loan Modifications
  • Over 80% of Mortgage Lenders Who Sold Their Loans Did Not Record Them Properly !!!
  • 95% of Homeowners Do NOTHING and Accept their Mortgage Lender Have A Right to Foreclose !!!
  • The Majority of Mortgage Lenders Can Not Show They Have The Legal Right To Foreclose !!!
  • A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is Not an Effective Way to SAVING Your Home From Foreclosure – It’s just a “Band-Aid Solution”
  • TARP and HAMP are Not Effective in Assisting MOST Homeowners in Foreclosure
  • Are you facing imminent foreclosure?
  • Has your Loan Modification been Denied or Revoked?

STOP Home Foreclosure 

Our goals is simple, Help Stop Foreclosure. As insiders in the foreclosure business we are the best at knowing and working toward a strategy that will help stop foreclosure. We do not want anyone to lose their home to foreclosure so be sure to let people know about our service. Do not allow your home to be sold on the courthouse steps act now and let us help stop foreclosure. We have programs available to help stop foreclosure that  are not known throughout the foreclosure industry.

 Avoid Foreclosure with Bella Homes, LLC



 Avoid Foreclosure with Bella Homes, LLC

            Stop my Foreclosure Now!

If your a home Owner and have a mortgage of $200K or more. Also, commercial real estate of up to 20 Million.

Bella Homes, LLC can save your home (or business) from foreclosure and get your monthly mortgage payment cut in HALF!

Bella Homes, LLC Review We are truly concerned about helping you stop foreclosure. There is no other company that has more experience in helping you stop foreclosure on your home. We know that you may have made some decisions that have lead you into your current foreclosure situation. We do not look at the past we have all experienced hard times we want to move forward to help you stop foreclosure. We are only concerned about creating a plan of action that is taylored to your needs. We know your biggest asset is your home and you have created an environment where your family feels safe. We want to allow you the freedom of knowing that your house is safe from foreclosure. Bella Homes, LLC is here to allow you the piece of mind that comes with stopping foreclosure and having resolution. There is no better feeling than the gratitude we feel once we have helped stop foreclosure.  Bella Homes, LLC has partnered with some of the top foreclosure attorneys in the business that can help with your situation. The service is absolutely secure and confidential. We promise to protect all information with 100% confidentiality. Your personal information will not be shared or stored beyond the scope of providing help with your problem. A private consultation with our foreclosure prevention specialist can help you stop foreclosure action and give you a piece of mind to improve your financial situation. So don't let your home be at risk another day longer! Simply fill out their easy online application form and get your free consultation today with an experienced stop foreclosure specialists. There is no application fee and no obligations. Save your home before it’s too late!

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