How Low Will You Go?

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How Low Will You Go?

 I remember being at the skating rink on Saturday nights as a kid.  Along with the moonlight skates there was always the fun game of limbo where two of the rink employees would hold a stick and we would line up in a long line and see how low we could get under the stick.  As they would lower the stick before the line would start over they would announce over the loud speaker “How low can you go”  I always enjoyed playing the game until I would end up sliding through on my backside and never winning the game. 

Talking to a few lenders over the last few days I have had the feeling that I am holding the stick on a limbo game with the lenders on the other side.  The buyers are the ones on the skates seeing how Limbolow they can get before they fall on their backside.  I keep wondering how low they expect to go.  I’m on the one side and the prices are down and the lender is on the other with the interest rates equally low.  Sometimes they are a bit lopsided with one side low and the other higher but it is extremely low on both sides.  I keep wanting to scream out that now is the perfect time to get under that pole before the sides (one the other or both) start raising.  The investors are skating through pretty swiftly right now capturing the good deals but the buyers seem to be standing at the outside rail of the rink waiting in fear. 

The news hasn’t helped them as they keep telling stories about the economy,  job market and  the difficulty in obtaining a loan.  Here’s the real news… People are still getting loans and there has never been a better time to buy a home!  The cost of buying can easily be less than renting.  It’s time to skate to the middle of the rink and be successful at getting under the stick before it’s too late!

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