School Ratings for Plano TX 2011

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School ratings for Plano Tx 2011 have just been released and once again the Plano Independent School District has faired very well. In Plano, we have always focused on quality education and encourage our students to set the bar for success.

Overall Plano ISD earned a Recognized Rating under the 2011 Texas Education Agency accountability rating system. Twenty-five individual Plano ISD campuses were rated Exemplary, which is the highest rating. See individual school ratings below.

The ratings are based on high school completion rates, dropout rates and passing rates on the state test, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Increasing standards and the elimination of the Texas Projection Measure (TPM) resulted in fewer schools and districts earning an Exemplary accountability rating in 2011.


  • Andrews Elementary
  • Barksdale Elementary
  • Bethany Elementary
  • Beverly Elementary
  • Boggess Elementary
  • Brinker Elementary
  • Carlisle Elementary
  • Centennial Elementary
  • Gulledge Elementary
  • Harrington Elementary
  • Haun Elementary
  • Hedgcoxe Elementary
  • Hightower Elementary
  • Hughston Elementary
  • Hunt Elementary
  • Mathews Elementary
  • Miller Elementary
  • Saigling Elementary
  • Schell Elementary
  • Skaggs Elementary
  • Stinson Elementary
  • Wells Elementary
  • Wyatt Elementary
  • Rice Middle School
  • Schimelpfenig Middle School


  • Aldridge Elementary
  • Barron Elementary
  • Daffron Elementary
  • Davis Elementary
  • Dooley Elementary
  • Haggar Elementary
  • Hickey Elementary
  • Jackson Elementary
  • McCall Elementary
  • Meadows Elementary
  • Memorial Elementary
  • Shepard Elementary
  • Sigler Elementary
  • Thomas Elementary
  • Weatherford Elementary
  • Haggard Middle School
  • Murphy Middle School
  • Robinson Middle School
  • Jasper High School
  • Plano East Sr High School
  • Plano Sr High School
  • Plano West Sr High School


  • Christie Elementary
  • Forman Elementary
  • Huffman Elementary
  • Mendenhall Elementary
  • Mitchell Elementary
  • Rasor Elementary
  • Armstrong Middle School
  • Bowman Middle School
  • Carpenter Middle School
  • Frankford Middle School
  • Hendrick Middle School
  • Otto Middle School
  • Renner Middle School
  • Wilson Middle School
  • Clark High School
  • Shepton High School
  • Vines High School
  • Williams High School


EXEMPLARY: 90% passing in each TAKS subject with a high school completion rate of 95%.
RECOGNIZED: 80% passing in each TAKS subject with a high school completion rate of 85%.
ACCEPTABLE: 70% passing in reading, writing and social studies; 65% in math and 60% in sciencewith a high school completion rate of 75%.

For more information about the School Ratings for Plano TX 2011, or the districts high academic standards, contact Plano real estate professional
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