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Real Estate Closing Tools QR Codes by TheIDXGuy

What do you use your Quick Response (QR) codes for? There are 1000's of possibilities, from shipping packages, to containing your listing information, all the way to url forwarding and lead capture.  With this QR code to the left, I’m giving away my Real Estate Closing Tools for FREE, all you have to do is scan it from your smartphone.

With all of the different ways out there to generate leads, I like the ones that use the QR code intuitively. Think of your listing sign in front of a house, when someone physically walks by it to scan your QR code they could get instant access to that listing detail- and you (the agent) could get a live phone number (not a 555-1212) as a lead. From there it is simple, “Hey this is Mike the Realtor I wanted to make sure that you got that information ok. Where you driving by or do you live in the area?....” The rest is up to how good you can build rapport with a stranger.

No I’m not selling a product, today I am merely giving away my Real Estate Closing Tools QR Codes by simply SCANNING that little “Black & White Mess”.

Below are a couple of Mobile Apps to download to get your QR reader.

Android QR App DownloadiPhone QR App Download

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