Are You Writing for Your Target Audience or Just Beating the Same "Dead" Horse?

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I didn't watch Dr. Phil a lot but I do remember him questioning guests on their current method of whatever it is they were doing and I remember him asking, "how's that working for you?"seo marketing target audience

I also heard him say that frustration is expecting something to be or go one way when it doesn't. This spills into the topic of online marketing as well. When the current method stops working, or never worked to begin with, it's time to change the method.

SEO is a constant changing and evolving animal and we must change with it in order to stay on top of the heap. What worked just 6 months ago may not be working now. It doesn't necessarily mean we must go back and change everything that used to be working, although we can, but it may mean adding to what we have already built up.

By blogging, writing new information on our websites and promoting these pages online can help build up your online presence greatly but you will need to make sure you are optimizing these pages for your target audience.

A couple years ago the term "(your city) real estate" was the best keyword for a given area. Now it appears that "(your city) homes" is all the craze. Next month it may be something different. While it may seem impossible to compete with those that have been doing this type of online marketing for years, you can gain specific leads with your long-tail search terms.

I have a new client that is working in the Seattle/Bellevue area and although her online presence has just begun we may still be able to gain rank for less valuable keywords. Knowing who you are, what your target audience is and how to market to them can be crucial to determining the exact phrase you want to focus on PER PAGE. We have decided to go with "Local Bellevue real estate agents" as her main keyword phrase because she wants to stay local and wants clients that appreciate that local home town agent.

To meet your target audience and gain rank for every corner of your market here are some helpful tips.

Check the latest search terms on Google's Keyword Tool to find what's being searched for most with the least competition. Don't get frustrated with a low search results as those could actually be real leads.

Get creative on your keywords and use one or two per page then optimize the page as such. Use specific phrases for local landmarks, colleges and schools or major industry locations. Examples: "Homes near Gateway Medical Center" or "Homes near Santa Fe Golf Course".

Use specific search pages for your area like "4 bedroom homes", "Homes with basements" and try to make a search page from your IDX on these pages. Example: "Two-story homes in La Grande Oregon".

It may not be possible to hit every keyword or phrase for the home page of the website but by targeting one or two main keyword phrases per page or blog post you can cover all your bases for your area. Don't be left behind with those that keep on top of the latest search phrases.


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