So Who Should Pay the Stager?

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So Who Should Pay the Stager?

Based on all of the great feedback (thank you!) to my last blog post, Realtors Set Yourself Apart: Don't Offer Staging, Offer These 3 Things, it is clear that we are definitely still in new territory when it comes to real estate staging.  The average seller doesn't truly understand the benefit the way that Realtors + Stagers do.  They like their house the way it is.  They are blind to the property's shortcomings.  They think they can do it themselves (many can, but not all).  We are obviously still in education mode + need to think out of the box a bit. 

This also means that you have a huge opportunity!  You have the chance to be extraordinary and do something different for your clients. 

Provide a higher level of service. 

Make their lives easier. 

Give them a hand to hold. 

Rather than suggest staging, perhaps you want to provide a Stager (and, honestly, I wouldn't call it a Stager--too many preconceived notions) as part of your service.  Make it the norm + not about their particular house.  You provide listing photos, brochures, open houses and video tours--all of which could be in vain if the house is in poor condition.  In fact, these things are an expectation.  Why not turn staging into an expectation.  Your clients won't accept it if they think that you are singling them out.  But, if this is just part of the exceptional service you provide to all of your clients...they feel smart for choosing you!

Can you imagine the word of mouth that you would receive by offering something above and beyond other Realtors?  What that could mean to your overall business?

Ask Colleen McConnell of Advanced Realty South based in Tallahassee or Bryan Robertson of the Sereno Group of Los Altos in Los Altos, California or Jeremiah Taylor of Keller Williams Southern Arizona what it has meant to their businesses...

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