FHA Low Credit Score Loan - 600 Credit Score

Mortgage and Lending with ResMac Mortgage

Exciting news on the FHA front. We now offer FHA loans to Borrowers with a 600 credit score or higher.

Many home buyers are looking to cash in on the current real estate market and purchase a new home. Prices are at all time lows and now is the perfect time to make that purchase. Unfortunately many have found they don't qualify because of their credit. That is were ResMac can help.

ResMac has lowered the credit score requirement on their FHA programs to help low score Borrowers still qualify for a new home loan. Whether you are purchasing your first home or upgrading to a larger one, ResMac can finance your FHA loan as long as the middle credit score is a 600 or higher.

What if your Borrower doesn't have the necessary credit score to qualify for a low credit score FHA loan? We can still work with them. We offer completely FREE credit restoration in most cases.

Please contact one of our loan specialists today about buying your new home and ask about our low credit score FHA home loan!

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