Dreams Take Work But More Importantly Take BELIEF

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As I get older I find that friends and family speak less amd less about their dreams and goals.  I also see new REALTORS enter the business with dreams of making it big and living the life as seen on HG TV.  Gary Woltal in The Dallas Ft Worth area explains the challenge why so many falter on the way to accomplishing their dreams.  I find that many people lack the drive and work ethic to accomplish their lofty dreams.  The most important aspect like Gary says below is that most do not TRULY BELIEVE they can achieve their goal and it starts there.....Read Below

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Dreams are an interesting topic to think about. So much about the world around us is embedded in REALITY. Many people if you are a dreamer will tell you to get your head out of the clouds or quit being in Lah Lah land. Did you know the biggest dreamers are the most curious about life? They do not lose their childlike wonder. They embrace imagination and tap into their passionate side quite often and don't let their practical side get the best of them. They listen to their heart.

Vacation IdeaI've noted too and this is a very important concept that

Dreams Take Work But More Importantly Take BELIEF.

Dreams can be very fragile. Poof they can be gone if you don't hold on to them. Think of all the areas for your visions of tomorrow: vacation ideas, home you want to live in, where you live, lifestyle, what your love life looks like, who that person is that gives you that overall loved feeling, what your ideal job is, working through your bucket list of things you want to do in life, etc.

But with this fragile nature of dreams, and I have seen this with buyers crushed that they could not buy a house due to not qualifying or not buy a house for years with bad credit, you DO have to persist with the work toward the dream and ABSOLUTELY have a belief that you can bring it to fruition. Allowing of course for the possibilities of some dreams not coming your way due to parts of the plan "out of your control" I am one out there who thinks DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.

That last statement is easy to make but maybe suspect in the real world you might say based on observation to be true. BECAUSE as we all know

  • Dreams can be delayed
  • Dreams can be shelved for the time being
  • Dreams can be abandoned due to neglecting their attention
  • You can think a dream is impossible or at best improbable
  • You can be distracted in life and forget about the roadmap to get to your dream
  • Hope can be lost and your energy wanes as a dream slips away
  • You can think you DON'T DESERVE your dream
  • Dreams can be forgotten
  • And the WORST OF ALL, you GAVE UP on your dream due to not listening to your heart!!!

I think I just listed the Murphy's Law capsule for dreams going astray. But you know in life, other than those uncontrollables I mentioned,

       .......... if you can dream it you can achieve it!!

NEVER give up on a dream if it is what you want. YOU SO DESERVE IT.

                           Dreams Really Do Come True

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