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I had a chance to hear Len Schlesinger speak last month on taking action. It was delivered in the style of one who was so educated that they no longer realized that the big words they used were big words. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a bit pretentious or arrogant it was simply an expression of his thought process which must be clipping along at an alarming rate of speed, I believe that acceleration happens somewhere after you start teaching teachers who then teach teachers and leaders getting their MBA’s.

As he spoke he bounced from topic to topic but you got the impression that if he wanted to linger on any one topic he could expound for a semester at least. 

He first set the stage for the need to set the stage with these thoughts,

 “The articulation of vision needs to take into account peoples comfort level for where they are now.”

The “ I have a Dream “ speech by Martin Luther King had been preceded by years of smashing the accepted view o f what was normal or the landscape of the majorities idea of “Here”.

Casting Vision is an attempt to move people from “Here” to “There”, in order to do so successfully you must first challenge the current reality.  You must become uncomfortable yourself and then make others uncomfortable with their current “Here”.                                                                                            

Today we live in a world;

·         Where nearly 6 Billion people live on less than $2 a day.

·         Where people die every minute due to a lack of a distribution system for basic needs.

·         Where millions are disenfranchised with no purpose , control or say in their lives

·         Where violence is on the rise due to an environment of despair

·         Where the future of our children is less attractive than their parents.

If this makes you uncomfortable (as it did me) then you are experiencing the blows of someone trying to smash reality. It is from this incessant ringing of hammers against conventional thought that all change is forged.

If you wish to effect change in your organization or world you must first start with challenging current reality and do not stop until you see the desired outcome.  If you are willing to give yourself to the cause as MLK was , then you will find success either in the achievement of a dream or in a life spent living one.

I heard Len at a Annual Global Leadership Conference, you can check it out for yourself at:

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