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The Ameican Dream is now OWNING SOME ACREAGE

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Almost everybody would love to own acres of land to walk on, relax on , or just to get away.Few actually own land or ever will because they do not know how to get it or are not willing to jump out of the box where they put their normal retirement funds.

When one rides in the countryside you see large pieces of land that families have had forever and can pass it down but the city folks can only dream about it.

Land can be acquired in small pieces on the fringe of growth or certainly within a one hour commute. People with young children definitely need to do it for many reasons.The family can enjoy it through the years and it can turn into a great retirement vehicle.

I fortunately had relatives with land that my parents took me to when a pre-teen and it just sunk in.My parents did not have money or anything but a small home in a city. I loved the country air and the freedom it provided.

After being in the residential business selling houses for about 10 years , I got a listing on 65 acres and the rest is history.

Today , I am called The Land Man because I love land and love helping people get it.

For more info read my profiles on Active Rain, Facebook , www.landinvestment.net. and www.learnaboutland.com.

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Bob Atkinson G.R.I.,C.R.S, E-Pro

"The Land Man"

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