How To Be Flexible With Your Customers…

Managing Real Estate Broker with The Butler Team at Brokers Realty of CFI

Ever wonder what makes someone tick or Why they think the way they do?


Try “Mastering the DISC”


D             Director.  Fast talker, little emotion.  Short & to the point.  Seeks the bottom line.

                 FEARS being taken advantage of.

I               Socializer.  Fast talker, lots of emotion.  Doesn’t like details.  Name dropper.  People                       person.  FEARS loss of prestige.

S              Supporter.  Slow talker with emotion.  Wants security.  Ask for their opinions & feelings.                    FEARS change.

C             Thinker.  Slow Talker, little emotion.  Likes facts & details.  Cautious.  Analytical.  Ask for                   their opinions.  FEARS criticism of work.


Knowing one’s personality can really make the difference…give it a try!

Comments (3)

Elizabeth Birmingham
EB Realty - Grand Junction, CO

I have a data base full of all of the above. I wear a hot all the time. I know with every type I have to change hats to relate. I have lots of different hats.!

Aug 23, 2011 06:10 AM
Miriam Dillon
Rosemary Beach Realty - Rosemary Beach, FL
Realtor in Rosemary Beach, SoWal and all of 30A

Very intereting!  I can easily recognize a few of my clients and this gives me much more insight on interacting with them. Thanks for posting.

Aug 23, 2011 06:11 AM
Renee Butler
The Butler Team at Brokers Realty of CFI - Winter Haven, FL

I agree you have to be flexible with every type of client.  Over 30 years have had many experiences with every type now with a team we try to match personalities with our buyer specialist with the same type.

Aug 23, 2011 06:13 AM