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Have you ever made the frustrating mistake of expecting everyone you hire to perform at the same level of service that you personally provide?  A friend of us shared his Three Point Litmus Test for hiring only the best people.

We had lunch with former clients now friends at City Lights Cafe in Sylva yesterday.  This very topic of conversation came up because we were discussing Leslie's post about how we could all contribute to the economic recovery of the nation. If we all take responsibility and pay forward by sharing our wealth (meager though it may be) and hiring people to do jobs that may be keeping us from performing at our preferred level of service.
JobsLawn Maintenance | such as lawn maintenance, handyman services, plumbers and other odd jobs.  We can't all be in the position of creating a large job force, but if we think hard about it there are tasks needing to be done around our homes and businesses that we can farm out.
Plumber | www.MoonDancerRealty.comHandyman | www.MoonDancerRealty.comSo, during our conversation we expressed our frustration that sometimes we do hire people and they aren't providing the level of service they led us to believe they would.  Steve said that during the interview process or the first day on the job, he and the person he is considering have a brief conversation.  He lets them know he is expecting three very simple but critical things from them, disappoint him on any of the three and no matter how much he might like them personally - he will not be able to work with them.
  • RETURN PHONE CALLS!!!  Depending upon the nature of the work, it is understood if someone is working with loud equipment you might not hear the phone but check the phone periodically and return the call no later than the end of the day the call was left.
  • SHOW UP WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL!!! Not doing so indicates a clear disrespect of everyone's time and schedule but your own.  Legitimate reasons for not arriving as scheduled can be acceptable IF they are offered BEFORE you are supposed to start and only if you have an offer of when you will be able to reschedule.  Oh...and if legitimate reasons don't turn into ridiculous excuses (alarm didn't go off, traffic problems, car troubles, arguments with spouse, dog ate my homework).
  • DO THE WORK YOU SAY YOU WILL!!! and in the manner you indicated you could. Please, please, please don't say you are willing to do something and not tell me it is something you hate doing (pulling weeds, cleaning toilets, ironing), it will be made quickly apparent in the manner you accomplish (or not) that task.

The simplicity of this litmus test is that it can be applied to any profession.  Wouldn't you rather have this simple conversation upfront, whether you are the employer or the employed instead of dealing with frustration, exasperation, resentfulness and ultimately having to find someone new after all? 

Well, I'm all about using the Three Point Litmus Test now.  Life is too busy and can be too stressful to not just hire the best people to start with. 



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