Club La Costa Ordered to Make Public Apology.

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 Club La Costa Ordered to Make Public Apology.

Following  the final sentence made by the Fuengirola Courts on 7th September 2006, Club La Costa S.L & Club La Costa Operaciones S.L were ordered to publish, at their own expense, a retraction of the untruthful information they had distributed about the following companies: -


  • Designer Way Vacation Club
  • Timelinx Vacation Services S.A
  • Incentive Leisure Group S.L


The “retraction” notice, which appeared recently in the Sur in English & Spanish was, at best, wholly inadequate and, at worst, further defamation of the good standing of the  companies, who immediately complained to the courts, supplying a copy of the posted notice and requesting that the situation be rectified as per the initial court ruling.


The above companies have today 19th October 2007 received notification from their lawyers that the courts have upheld the complaint and as a consequence, they have authorised the companies to place two A4 size notices, one in the Sur in English and one in the Spanish Sur containing the correct information as ordered by the courts.


The Spanish notice will be placed on Tuesday 23rd October and the English on Friday 26th October. The courts have confirmed that they will recover the cost of the notices from Club La Costa S.L & Club La Costa Operaciones S.L.


This action should correctly conclude the rectification of what the court ruled to be untruthful information printed and distributed by Club La Costa S.L & Club La Costa Operaciones S.L to create unfair competition against Designer Way Vacation Club, Timelinx Vacation Services S.A and Incentive Leisure Group S.L.


Club la Costa S.L & Club La Costa Operaciones S.L are now obliged to abide by the courts legal ruling to stop distributing this untruthful and defamatory information and refrain from doing anything similar in the future.



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