Speed UP, Texas!

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New laws have been introduced to SPEED Texas up...

The first measure goes into effect SEPT 1st 2011. 

There will no longer be a NIGHTTIME speed limit.  This rule dates back to the 40s when cars and tractors shared many of our roadways and ended up causing many accidents...at night.  That's out of here effect 9/1/11!

The second measure is that effective Sept 1st, 2011, the "DEFAULT" speed limit will be 75 MPH. 

This is a little less clear about how it will be implemented because there are traffic studies to be done but suffice it to say this isn't meant to increase us to 75 on the interstate in the city, but rather, BETWEEN cities.  So from Katy into Houston...probably still have the same speedlimit but from Katy to San Antonio,  I'd look for that 75 to be in effect pretty quick!

The last measure goes into effect 9/1/11 as well, but only affects NEW highways built after 9/1/11 and will increase the speed limit on NEW roads to 85.  This was actually legislation to accompany the Trans Texas Corridor that was killed off, but the law was still enacted.

So I guess it's time, in a state that measure distance in time, to speed up.  (Does any other state answer the question "how far is that" with "about 2 hours"?)

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