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How about a little class ?? - class action, that is

You hear it all the time - if you were using this brand of product or if you received treatment for this kind of illness, YOU MAY BE DAMAGED BY THIS AMOUNT AND HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO CLAIM YOUR DAMAGE, so call 1-800-Hot-Damn to determine if you are a member of the class...

 Underwater Homeowner

Well, how about this.  We represent buyers and sellers of real estate.  Why don't we start a special class of those damaged by all this crap with the fraud and oversight, damaged when their home values diminish because of nothing more than foreclosures against loans that should not have been made in the first place.

Where were these regulators when they were supposed to be protecting the consumers?  Why in the world were these regulatory entities created? 

And now, just think of it, government programs to help the same poor borrowers who should not have received the loans in the first place.

How large would this class would be?  And the amount of damages?  Wow, some attorney working on a contingency base should grab that up.  Don't forget the pain and suffering.

Or how about, just us REALTORS.  We were damaged by all this craziness.  Has your income reduced in the last couple of years?  What caused that?  Something you did?  Why do we have underwriting and loan guarantees?  Let's sock it to 'em.

Regardless of what damage has been done, we all have a long hard road ahead of us to make up for all of the damage that has been done.   One commentator today said it may take 20 years.

Remember the proposal that went around for awhile: rather than bail out General Motors and Bank of America, just send a million dollars to every household in America? 

Would that cure all the damage that has been done?